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5 Tips to Keep Your Bluetooth Secure

5 Tips to Keep Your Bluetooth Secure

You’ve probably never even considered if your Bluetooth is secure or not. Bluetooth has been around for ages and most of us use it without question. But it is a wireless technology that can be hacked just like other connection-based software, app, or device.

Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that is used to transfer data. Bluetooth technology allows you to transfer different types of data between devices over short distances and locations.

You might find yourself using Bluetooth connections for a remote camera clicker, your speaker, wireless earphones, or connecting your laptop to your mobile phone device. One of the beauties of Bluetooth is that it removes the need for cables.

It is popular because it is easy to use, connects automatically, and can be used for a variety of different uses and devices.

How Does a Bluetooth Connection Work?

A Bluetooth signal sends and receives radio waves. The radio waves are in around...

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