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8 Signs of a Virus on your Smartphone

8 Signs of a Virus on your Smartphone

Viruses were a hot topic when computers began to be routine in people’s homes back in the 2000s. However, now that smartphone usage is commonplace, many cyber-criminals are targeting these devices instead. While you may have antivirus software for your computer, you may not have it for your mobile phone, and you may not even be aware if you are experiencing a malware infection on your handset. In this article, we run through the types of viruses which can affect mobile phones of all kinds, and identify eight common signs that your phone might be compromised with malware.

Types of viruses on mobiles

There are numerous threats to smartphones users; here are a few different types of malwares, which are commonly seen on mobile devices.

  • Adware: While some of us have come to expect irritating and somewhat intrusive advertising on the internet, adware can go beyond an annoyance to tracking your online activities and stealing your personal data....
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