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Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

We all love a bargain, right? We’ve pulled together 8 of the best tips to bag a discount on your online shopping. They may also apply to the High Street so be savvy about your purchases and save a fortune. The retailers would rather you didn’t know about these!

1. Leave your shopping in the online basket overnight and watch the retailer rush to send you a discount code!

If you’ve been browsing online, put some things in your basket and then decided to mull it over, you might find that the next day, the retailer sends you a discount code to entice you to finish the purchase! It’s been known for retailers such as Asos, Boohoo, Currys, Graze, H&M, New Look, River Island, The Perfume Shop, Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secret, WH Smith and Zalando to offer discounts up to 50% off. Also, Asda, Boden, Cotton Traders, eBay, Ebookers, Ocado, Princess Cruises, Tesco Groceries, Very, Virgin Media, Virgin Wines and Waitrose have been known to send money off vouchers for £10 up to £150.

Here’s how to secure that discount:
  • Make sure that you have signed up for an account with the retailer or have signed in to an existing account, otherwise they won’t know who you are.
  • Pick an item to put in the basket. Generally, you should opt for a relatively high value item as they are more likely to give you a discount code. The risk is that you only get a voucher for 25% off a spend over £100! But nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Leave the item in the basket and close the window in which you have been shopping.
  • Check your email in the next few days and you may find your discount code.
  • Log back in and you can now use the code. Just check that the basket had what you want in it. Especially if you had put items in just to get the code! Nothing is guaranteed but if you are prepared to wait for the items, then it’s worth a try!

2. Use the online chat function to haggle a discount.

Very often those pop-up chat windows can be a real nuisance when you are trying to browse. But did you know that they are a good source of online discounts? We’ve heard of discounts being given out by Nike, Currys, Dell and Dyson. The best we heard was £300 off a Dell laptop!

Not all retailers will budge but some might tell you where their promo codes are so all is not lost.

3. Get free delivery from Amazon

If you are not an Amazon Prime customer, delivery is only free if the item is £20 or over. What if you want to buy something at £19.99?

That’s where the Amazon SuperSaver Delivery tool website comes in handy! Put in what you need to spend to reach £20 and it will point you in the right direction to secure that free delivery. So, in our case we could add a Pot Noodle at 50p to ensure that you spend over £20 and get free delivery. And you’ve gained a Pot Noodle! There’s lots of items you can buy though, from rulers to notebooks, to dog treats and sweets.

4. When is the best day to find a discount code?

If you really want to buy something online, but can’t find a discount code anywhere, then it seems that the best day for retailers to put out their discount codes is on a Wednesday, followed by a Tuesday. It makes sense really, as they want to get the offers ready for the weekend when most people are shopping. But always search each day as there are plenty of discount codes out there to be found.

5. It’s sold out, but I really wanted it – what can I do?

Online stock can change quite rapidly as people send stock back on a regular basis. You might find that latest coat you wanted comes back into stock a few days later as customers return their unwanted items. Some people may have ordered the same item in different sizes so have some to return. Just keep refreshing the page to get the latest stock position.

6. Sign up for newsletters for online discount

Retailers really want to be able to send you an email as you are more likely to look at it/click on it than when scrolling through their social media. It’s worth signing up for the newsletters as often you can get up to 20% off.

If you have Gmail, future emails may well be sorted into your promotions folder so avoiding clogging up your inbox. However, you could also set up an email just for shopping so that you can separate out the promotional stuff and save having to clear out your inbox every day!

7. Follow your favourite brands on social media

If you shop with certain brands regularly, or you want to make a future big purchase with a particular brand, it’s worth watching their social media channels. They will often drop in flash sales or discount codes for limited times. You will learn about the discounts quickly this way and can use them before they expire.

One word of warning, make sure that the account you follow is verified and legitimate. There are a lot of fake accounts out there ready to scam unsuspecting victims. Most genuine accounts will have their details on the social media account which can be checked against their website.

8. Wait for bank holidays to grab a bargain.

Many retailers will set up big promotions over bank holiday weekends to entice shoppers to buy. Thoughts usually turn to summer at bank holidays, so you can often see big discounts on DIY and garden items. Maybe even on beer in the supermarkets!

So now you are fully equipped for making the most of your online shopping and making big savings! You can look forward to feeling smug as you know that you have bought it at the best possible price.