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The Most Famous Hackers of the 19th Century

The Most Famous Hackers of the 19th Century

Everyone seems to be intrigued by hackers. The mystery of it all makes for great books and films because it’s the dark underworld that carries on around us, yet for most us—we never truly get exposed to it.

Popular to contrary belief, hackers aren’t all bad. Hacking can actually be undertaken legally and illegally. Companies and governments knowingly use people with technological and hacking expertise to test their security protection measures.

A white hat hacker is an ethical hacker who is hired to find weaknesses in a government or companies security wall. They do this by attempting to breach their security themselves. Technically it’s hacking, but it’s not bad! It’s actually overall really helpful, and it’s not illegal. Most of the software, devices, and apps that you use have had such measures performed on them to ensure that they’re safe for you to operate.

Whereas, black hat hackers are those who break into private networks specifically with m...

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