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4 of the Hottest Fitness Trends Right Now

4 of the Hottest Fitness Trends Right Now

With a lot of us having become considerably more home-bound these last couple of years, what with lockdowns and WFH impeding our day-to-day steps counts, many of us are looking to new fitness trends to help us get active. Plus, the world of fitness has evolved massively in light of the changing social and digital landscape we live in, meaning there are so many new developments and changes coming into play to make fitness more accessible and more in-tune with how we live our lines.

While New Year’s Eve has been and gone, and you may have failed on your resolution to get abs by springtime, there is still plenty of time to get more in to shape in time for summer – and have fun doing it! Plus, if you give up those takeaways for Lent, you’ll be halfway there…

In this blog, we look at some of the hottest fitness trends right now, suggesting where they may have sprung up from, why people are loving them, and what they offer to the contemporary fitness-lover.

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