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Don’t miss out on flight delay compensation you are owed!

Don’t miss out on flight delay compensation you are owed!

With the world’s travel corridors opening up after pandemic-related restrictions being in place for much of the past two years, many people are taking advantage of the new travel rules. Many folks are now jetting off to somewhere warm or for that trip of a lifetime that has been cancelled numerous times due to the pandemic - and who can blame them!

But it’s not always plain sailing, as flights are sometimes delayed and when they are, it can cause a massive effect on your itinerary, as you may then miss connecting flights, transfers or excursions at your arrival destination.

So, if this is the unfortunate case for you, what can you do to ensure you claim and receive the compensation due to you?

Check out our handy guide below…

Firstly, the flight compensation rules we are discussing here cover flights departing from a UK or European airport, no matter the airline you are travelling with, or arrivals to a UK or European airport travelling on...

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