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Things to consider for your first family pet

Things to consider for your first family pet

It’s something the majority of parent’s go through; that moment when your child/ children ask for a pet. There are definitely a number of benefits for adding an extra member to the family; pets can reduce stress and anxiety, teach children about responsibility, and even bring the family closer together.

Before running down to your local pet shop, there a number of things to discuss and carefully consider. We’ve put together a few starting points for you to think about, as the saying goes ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas!’ So, making sure the whole family is committed and ready is absolutely essential.


The age of your children plays a massive part in the decision over which pet to choose. For young children and toddlers, this age is all about exploring- which unfortunately means lots of grabbing and pulling! As a first pet, fish are great as they are low maintenance; so ideal for parents, small children will enjoy watching them, and the...

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