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Top Tips on How to Safely Work From Home

Top Tips on How to Safely Work From Home

It is now way more common and socially acceptable to work from home due to the global pandemic that rocked the world in 2019.

As the world starts to come out of the global pandemic and reach safer skies, it is still important to understand security for digital workspaces. Many companies still offer work-from-home options or hybrid models, so you’ll still need to understand how to protect your devices and digital workspace.

Working from home is great, but you’ll also need to know the risks and solutions to security.

There are a variety of scams which you could fall victim to, these include phishing scams, fraud, malware, ransomware, data harvesting, and malicious links.

Here are some of our tips on how businesses and remotely working employees can protect themselves from cybercrime.

What Can Businesses Do About Cybercrime?

Businesses hold a huge responsibility to ensure that their business, employees, and clients are prote...

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