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Review: Apple iPhone SE 3

Review: Apple iPhone SE 3

Apple have dropped their new release: an updated version of their classic SE phone. It is the third-generation version of the ever-popular budget-end handset by the tech company. Announced on March 8th 2022, and set to hit the shelves for the first time on March 18th, this device packs high-end features into a familiar, and lower-end-looking exterior – and it is set to be hugely popular. Apple’s flagships have long been out of the reach of many, so when Apple announced they were offering the SE for the first time back in 2016, it was well-received. But with the latest edition now hot off the press, we are here to take a look at Apple’s more recent offering in the way of low-budget devices, and see how the 2022 variant of the iPhone SE stacks up to prior versions, as well as the higher-end smartphones also provided by Apple.


This version of the iPhone SE has gotten a price hike over its predecessor, to the price of £419, although it is still Apple's cheapest 5...

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