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Review: The Little Coach House Montessori Children’s Toys

Review: The Little Coach House Montessori Children’s Toys

What are Montessori toys? Do you need them for your child? And are the Montessori toys made by The Little Coach House worth it? In this review we take a closer look at some wooden delights made in the New Forest of England by husband-and-wife duo—Andy and Jenny.

Montessori is a science-based approach to education developed by Maria Montessori—an Italian educator and physician. The Montessori approach to education encourages freedom (within limits), self-expression, mindfulness, independence, individuality and the deep respect of a child’s natural psychological, social, and physical developmental stages.

Montessori toys are often eco-friendly, biodegradable, toxin-free, and made from wood or metals as opposed to plastic. In recent years, clinical studies have suggested that many traditional plastic toys for children contain toxins and ingredients that pose hazardous health risks to children. Montessori toys are made with holistic health and wellness in mind, so...

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