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The 7 Best Vegan Cafes and Restaurants in Brighton

The 7 Best Vegan Cafes and Restaurants in Brighton

1. Terre à Terre

Terre à Terre is one of the greatest vegetarian restaurants in Brighton. They offer a fine-dining experience with some of the most interesting flavours and dishes that never disappoint.

Originally founded by Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor, two classically trained chefs who wanted to explore their love of meat-free cuisine, Terre à Terre quickly became a favourite amongst the locals.

What originally started as a small humble operation, including a ‘bring your own’ bottle service, evolved into one of the most ethical restaurants in the South of England.

At Terre à Terre, you’ll find a variety of dishes from an à la carte menu and organic wines, to succulent deserts. One thing you can be sure of with Terre à Terre is that you will experience a gourmet combination of flavours and textures that satisfy even the most passionate meat-eater!

Although marketed as a vegetarian restaurant, they cater for a variety of vegan...

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