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Top 5 Home Security Systems

Top 5 Home Security Systems

Your home is your sanctuary – and no one wants their haven to be penetrated by ill-intentioned intruders. Luckily, for the security conscious, there are a huge variety of solutions out there to deter and catch criminals who impede on your property. Rather than opt for singular solutions like a video doorbell or security camera, you can look for a whole system that you can use to kit-out your home for more holistic protection.

Here, we provide our top-five home security systems to take a look at; whether you are renting a flat or looking to protect your own family home, there is truly something to suit every home’s needs here.

1. Vivint Smart Home Security

Vivint is a popular high-end wireless security system, which utilises loads of advanced features and the latest in security tech, while remaining accessible and easy to use. Primarily, the system uses sensors and both indoor and outdoor cameras and video recording to safeguard your...

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