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What Is the Dark Web?

What Is the Dark Web?

Everyone thinks they know what the internet is, but most of us use only a small part of the world wide web... Users are generally using the surface web which is world wide web content that is indexed, collected, organised and stored by well-known search engines. You could regard it as the ‘standard’ internet.

But more of the world wide web exists than just the surface web. The deep web is part of the world wide web (WWW) where the contents are not collected, organized, and stored by the standard web-search engines that we all know—such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Whilst the deep web sounds suspicious, it’s not, and is mainly used for legitimate activities and conduct. For example, you can find medical records, government records, research papers, private networks, and hidden or private wiki on the deep web.

A wiki is a server program or website that allows a collective of users to collaborate, edit, update, and manage the content published. The m...

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