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Driving Down Car Fuel Costs

Driving Down Car Fuel Costs

With fuel prices hitting an all-time high in February 2022, and with the cost of living is rising rapidly too, it is a good time to look at how to save on fuel costs. We’re not going to suggest that you invest in an electric car, here! Instead, here’s a look at some tips for reducing your fuel costs with the car you already have, and how to find the best prices.

1. Seek out the best prices for your fuel.

Let’s start with an easy win. Search out the best prices for your fuel. There’s an app for that! It’s also a website called Petrol Prices, where you can search for the cheapest fuel in your area. Once you have registered your details, you can let it know how far you are prepared to travel for petrol/diesel, and it will show you the cheapest prices in that geographical radius.

Petrol stations associated with supermarket chains also tend to have cheaper prices than the big-name petrol companies. Even better if...

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