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Getting the best travel insurance

Getting the best travel insurance

The excitement of booking flights and hotel with the lovely swimming pool is something we are all looking forward to, now that COVID restrictions are easing up across the world. However, one essential item that is more important than ever is travel insurance. Whilst it’s likely your holiday will sail by without any issues, we just never know what could happen, and in the unfortunate event it does, you want to make sure you are covered for whatever treatment may be needed.

Money Saving Expert have an insurance finding tool which can provide cover for as little as £13 per year, or even less for a single trip. Their website is particularly helpful as the insurance policies they feature cover main points of Covid, such as not being able to travel due to testing positive, or testing positive whilst on holiday, and needing to extend your trip and receive medical help. They also have options for extra Covid cover from around £30 per week.


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