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How to make the most of supermarket shopping

How to make the most of supermarket shopping

We are all currently feeling the effects of the rise in the cost of living. We are now seeing the standard of living levels hit a new low that has not been seen for over 50 years. The current crisis around energy levels have made household bills soar to worrying amounts. With all of this in mind, any areas of life’s essentials that we can adjust to reduce our monthly bills is the focus on everyone’s mind. Here, we take a look at comparisons between supermarkets as made by Which? for February this year, and we give our handy hints to getting the most for your money.

Smaller Shopping Lists
Which? compared a mix of big-brand and supermarket-branded products. They picked 23 everyday items including bread, apples, and eggs. The supermarket that came out on top was Lidl with a cost of £24.21, beating the ever-popular Aldi by 62p.

For the same 23 items, Waitrose came out as the most expensive, at almost £10 more expensive than Lidl- that’s a massive 39% e...

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