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Parcel Delivery – how best to save money

Parcel Delivery – how best to save money

Parcels – we all love to get them. But it can be a bit of headache finding out the cheapest way to send them. If you like to sell your stuff on eBay or Gumtree, or you just want to send them to friends and family, then here’s our guide to sending parcels for the lowest price possible.

1. Buying online

If you have bought a present for your friends or family, then it’s always best to get the retailer to send it direct to them. Many retailers have a limit over which postage is usually free so it would be a no-brainer to send it direct to your gift recipient, as it would also save time. Many have the ability to also send a gift note. While gift wrap is rarer, it’s not unheard of. Bear this in mind if the item is particularly heavy, it will cost a lot to send the item.

If you do want to send it yourself so that you can gift wrap it or send a card, or because you have bought the gift locally and the retailer doesn’t send it, then read on for more tips.

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