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Supermarket Deals Right Now

Supermarket Deals Right Now

It’s always a good time to save a few pounds here and there, and supermarkets always have deals on. We’re going to give you a rundown of which deals you can get and where, so you know which store to visit to get the best deal. Whether you’re on the hunt for some budget vegetables or a bottle of wine for the evening, we’ve got the best bargains for you below, all available at the time of writing.


If you’re heading to Lidl between opening and midday you may be in luck! Lidl offer 5kg boxes of vegetables for just £1.50! They might be a little past best, but still perfectly safe to eat, or a little wonky or bumped. These boxes are located by the check-out. Lidl have confirmed this is an ongoing offer with no end date in sight, but they are subject to availability and made up on the day. There is no guarantee what you’ll get, but of course you can have a look at what’s there and choose the box that suits you most. The contents of the box usually equate to around...

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