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Top Money Saving Tips & Hacks

Top Money Saving Tips & Hacks

There are so many hacks that you can use to save some money, from cutting open toothpaste to get the last drop out, to saving wrapping paper from opened gifts, many of us have certain quirky things we do as money savers. We might not always admit to them to all of our friends and family, but however small and strange, they all add up to save cash, and help the environment by reducing waste as an added bonus. So we've compiled a whole host of household hacks that can save you money little by little...

Let’s start with some kitchen and bathroom hacks!

1. Save your old toothbrushes. These are great tools for cleaning those hard to reach areas and will save you from forking out your hard earned cash on the latest scrubber for your sink.

2. Use the plug in your bath while you have a shower then scoop out the water at the end to use on your house plants.
3. You could also use your bath or shower water to flush your toilet. Pour it directly into...

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