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Top Ten Money Saving Tips on your TV packages

Top Ten Money Saving Tips on your TV packages

TV has come a long way from only 4 channels in the 1980s! With the advent of subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, alongside free-to-view channels, there are now 480 channels to choose from in the UK.

All this choice can mean that it is difficult to work out if you are getting a good deal on your TV viewing. In this article, we talk you through some of our best tips for saving money on your TV viewing.

1. Watch streaming channels for FREE

Only for a limited time, though! You could make the most of the free trials offered by most streaming services by signing up for their free trials. As they ask for your credit card details, make sure that you cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged. It is best to put a note in your diary a few days before it ends to remind you.

If you time your free trial carefully, you could get access to must-see limited shows and films, or in the case of Amazon Prime, some great...

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