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Ways to save on your TV licence

Ways to save on your TV licence

You won’t have escaped the recent news that the TV licence fee is to be frozen for 2 years. Then in 2024, the price will rise in line with inflation for the following 6 years. The current cost of £159 will likely rise to £162.50 in 2024, and may ultimately be around £175 when the arrangement comes to an end.

This announcement came just after our blog “Ten Money Saving Tips on your TV packages” So, we thought that it was a good time to look in more detail at how to save on your TV licence and whether you need to have one at all.

When do you need a TV licence?

If you watch live TV, then you need a TV licence. This applies to whether you are watching it through a TV, computer, mobile phone, games console or a tablet: if it is live TV, then you need to have a TV licence. Even if you don’t have a TV at home and watch live on your phone or computer or other...

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