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Luís Paiva

I am a nurse and I have been taking…

I am a nurse and I have been taking this medicine for a few years now to help me after my heavy workouts and long days of work. It boosts the immune system and everything tastes so good!! The dried fruit is amazing and now they have added this super tasty sweets 😁👌🏻 Plus they have sent me some offers already. The only medication we need, natural. No chemicals , no side effects directly from the Mother Earth


Ivan Ivanov

Всё супер!!!

Всё супер!!! Мне очень понравилось, рекомендую!


Danh Tran Art

I love the products so much!

I love the products so much!


Roni ali

Remedies worked for me

I tried a couple of Ayurvedic home therapies for joints and immune system. They worked exactly as described and I can't recommend it high enough. Happy to share Ancient Remedies with friends. Thank you! :))


Martyn Smith

Always find products are quality

Always find products are quality. My favourite is Everest mountain strength tea and Papaya dried fruit.


Mayya Nechasna

Gold Osteopack

Hola, Quiero Hablare de Mi experiencia del products Gold Osteopack. En 2020 tenia una inflamacion de la rodilla, diagosticaron el danio de la superficie cartilaenosa. Recetaron ibuprofeno. Mi amiga me aconsejo Gold Osteopack. Compre 6 cajas y estaba Tomando 3 meses, en 2021, hize una radiografia y el doctor ha dicho que las rodillas estan bien. Tambien Estoy tomando Kalamegha para higado. Limpia muy bien. Gracias por dar una buena alternativa para mantener la Salud.


Andrew Gattlin

I had a tea for relaxation from…

I had a tea for relaxation from Ancientremedies. Nice flavour, definitely relaxes your mind and body. It helped me to sleep.


Shakila Nargis

Superb products and excellent services

Superb products and excellent services. Love it! 💜💗❤️💕


Salahuddin Shuvo

Genuine and effective holistic products

I was impressed by results after I've taken a course of BiOculist, Alochaka and Nyanaprash. My eye sight considerably improved, they are not sore, itchy and tired anymore as my eyes constantly glued to the glaring screens. I'm so pleased and will try more of other products from Ancient Remedies. Please beware that there is fake BiOculist in the market that do not work and much cheaper, but it will be a waste of money.


Anna Zubrytska

I love this products so much

I love this products so much. They are very helpful for me, especially in a flu season. Thank you Ancientremedies Company.